About Royce Machine

In 1929 Clifford “Brownie” Brown bought his first welder and brought it home to his farm in Blanchester, OH. He could buy the welder cheaper than buy the part he needed for his broken plow. He had no experience, but he figured it out. Not long after this he bought his first lathe and mill for the same reason. Next thing Brownie knew he was in business making parts for local farmers.

In 1965 Royce Burton, his son-in-law, left the US Air Force and joined Brownie in his shop, now in Lebanon, OH . Royce became manager in 1976 when Brownie retired, until the business was sold in 1986.

In 1992 Royce answered the call from one of Brownies former customers and began what would become Royce Machine.  The following year his son Mark joined him, buying the business when Royce’s health forced his retirement.

Today Mark and Royce Machine are providing what customers need, when they need it, at competitive pricing.